Construction Durability Engineers (CDE) provides extensive concrete restoration and rehabilitation engineering services, including the investigation and evaluation of existing structures, design of remedial measures, and quality control monitoring during restoration projects. We advise on various repair and rehabilitation strategies and help Client to determine the best fit to their assets based on required service life.

Our integrated service offering means we have the capability to assist throughout the entire remediation process, from inspection, testing and diagnosis to remediation design, drafting, tender documentation and provide onsite engineering and supervision of the concrete repair work.


Concrete Restoration & Rehabilitation Engineering

  • Investigations/Evaluations of Existing Structures
  • Condition Assessment
  • Assessment & Repair Design of PT Structures
  • Repair Recommendation and Design
  • Tender Document Repair Specifications
  • Quality Control Services
  • Maintenance Programs

Structural Assessment Strengthening Design

  • Structural Assessment
  • Preparation of As-built Drawings
  • Strengthening Design

Durability Engineering

A reliable prognosis of the condition of a structure is an important basis for an effective service life management. In order to determine the most economic point in time for repair measures to be taken along the life-time of a structure, knowledge on the deterioration process at exposed regions as well as detailed knowledge about the current condition of the whole structure is essential

Fire Damage Assessment & Repair Design

Even after a severe fire, structures are often capable of being repaired rather than demolished. CDE’s teams of engineers have extensive experience assessing fire-damaged structures and can specify well informed repair solutions. CDE provides damage assessment of affected structural members on-site using visual inspection and non-destructive testing. 

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