Concrete Restoration & Rehabilitation Engineering

Construction Durability Engineers (CDE) provides extensive concrete restoration and rehabilitation engineering services, including the investigation and evaluation of existing structures, design of remedial measures, and quality control monitoring during restoration projects.

We advise on various repair and rehabilitation strategies and help Client to determine the best fit to their assets based on required service life. Our integrated service offering means we have the capability to assist throughout the entire remediation process, from inspection, testing and diagnosis to remediation design, drafting, tender documentation and provide onsite engineering and supervision of the concrete repair work.

Investigations/Evaluations of Existing Structures

CDE restoration specialists identify and evaluate the condition of various components in existing facilities, using innovative testing methods to enhance traditional investigation.

A correct diagnosis establishing the cause, nature and extent of damage, and the weakness or deterioration caused in the structure is very essential, since a faulty diagnosis may lead to improper selection of materials and repair techniques leading to the failure of the repaired zone again. It may also be necessary that the serviceability of the structure is checked after carrying out the necessary repairs.

Condition Assessment

A structural condition assessment is the process of collecting observations and data and systematically using them to evaluate and assess the condition of an existing structure. Structural condition assessment is the physical examination and diagnosis of the health of a structure.

CDE offers condition assessment on structures in a wide range of aggressive climatic conditions around the world, including; Buildings, Bridges, Tunnels, Ports, industrial Plants

We provide an overview of current condition of assets for corrective work to remedy the physical deficiencies in the written report for each property which includes:


  • Visual Inspection Survey
  • Review of available documents
  • Field and Laboratory Testing
  • Establish root cause of observed deterioration
  • Provide recommendation for rectifications

Assessment & Repair Design of PT Structures

  • Laying out field investigation
  • Grouting check
  • Analyzing PT structures with defects
  • Laying out Repair details for strength and long term durability
  • External and Internal Post-Tensioning
  • Repair Specification

Repair Recommendation and Design

It has been estimated that 50 percent of repairs are not performing satisfactorily due to errors in design, construction and/or material selection. CDE helps in design and implement repairs of deficient elements that restore service life and property value.

To ensure the quality of repair works, Clients require comprehensive documentation that is complete with all the technical information needed to undertake remediation and construction to the required standard. Having experts with experience in repair, protection and refurbishment of structures, we help ensure that remediation projects deliver the outcome and service life you require. As consultants, we understand of Clients needs and, we design solutions that match durability and operation needs.

Tender Document & Repair Specifications

Each rehabilitation project is unique which require careful attention to detail design, repair methodology, and material selection. Our professionals are experienced adopt the latest materials and most advanced technologies to best meet our clients’ project needs.

We prepare tender documents, including an investigation/evaluation report that identifies restoration/rehabilitation program alternatives, scope of work describing the necessary restoration work, drawings, technical specifications and bill of quantities.


Repair specifications including repair materials, repair methodology, and paint specifications for structural rehabilitation projects.

Quality Control Services

CDE provides repair supervision including quality control monitoring services that include field observations and testing to facilitate conformance with contract documents. Our trained professionals are able to provide a range of technical services throughout the rehabilitation project from full time site-based supervision to part time hold point check.

We actively participate in your projects offering assistance in the development of quality assurance documentation, training contractors and supervising construction and testing, ensuring all work on your asset meets your technical expectations.

Maintenance Programs

Our professionals can create a maintenance manual for the restored or rehabilitated structure that defines required inspections and identifies who should perform the inspections and at what frequency. In addition, we recommend repair procedures and materials for typical defects that may develop subsequent to restoration/rehabilitation operations.