Fire Damage Assessment & Repair Design

Even after a severe fire, structures are often capable of being repaired rather than demolished. CDE’s teams of engineers have extensive experience assessing fire-damaged structures and can specify well informed repair solutions.

CDE provides damage assessment of affected structural members on-site using visual inspection and non-destructive testing. Where necessary, samples may be removed for strength testing or petrographic examination, which allows definitive determination of the depth and consequences of fire damage. The combined findings are used to prepare key diagrams and schedules detailing the damage.

The Assessment of fire damage is carried out in line with the Concrete Society Technical Report No. 68 and includes both on site and laboratory-based techniques to fully assess the significance of any extreme heat and correctly specify concrete repairs

CDE design bespoke repairs for fire-damaged structures in accordance with relevant codes of practice, to provide the required strength, fire resistance, durability, form and appearance.